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Greyhound Reviews

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    Less than an hour ago, I purchased a ticket using Greyhound's website. I noticed less than 15 minutes after I purchased the ticket that I realized I selected the wrong date (10/28 instead of 10/29). I immediately called Customer Service and asked for some assistance--possibly cancel my ticket or change the date. NOTHING. I only got instructions to go to the station to change my ticket date PLUS I was warned that I'd be charged a $20 fee for a $14 ticket. That fee would cost the price of a new ticket. There's no service with Greyhound's customer service because they have... More...
    salzster's Picture   salzster    0 Comments   Comments
  • Illegal dvd, poor service, no stops and fraud.

    My fiance and I traveled to Kimberley with Greyhound on 30 April 2015. Firstly we booked "Luxury" tickets online for, R450, but where redirected by a very rude stewardess to the seats that cost R415. Upon sitting down she played a DVD, horrible bosses 1 and 2 where both on the dvd. The second with chinese subtext and it was obvious it was on a burned dvd. This is ILLEGAL!!! The stewardess was only seen 5 times during the 11 hour trip. The buttons to call the stewardess was broken and the toilet stayed backed up for 90mins until we could eventually track her down. The bus stopped... More...
    DTHERON's Picture   DTHERON    0 Comments   Comments
  • Child stranded at Philadelphia bus station

    Not happy don't waste your money or time. I book online ticket well in advance for my child who is of driving age but under 18 so she can visit her father. They get there an hour prior to departure they stand in a long line waiting to check in. She gets checked in and gets ready to board they tell her father he can't stay cause he has no ticket. At this point she is getting on the bus. They say goodbyes and she gets on bus. But as she is on the bus looking for a seat they tell her there is none they overbooked she will have to wait 5hrs for the next bus. I have to say I will never... More...
    Angrymom120's Picture   Angrymom120    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service

    I had horrible issues from the time I first stepped into the greyhound station. I purchased a ticket from Las Vegas to palm springs. I was no longer traveling to Las Vegas, so I called the Portland greyhound to see if I could change my ticket to a trip from Portland directly to palm springs, and pay the difference. The lady said "Yes you can, just come to the station, and we can take care of you". Great ! so I thought. Packed my things, and with my 3 month old daughter traveled down there to only get turned away. I was eventually able to get a refund, but I had to come up with the... More...
    lbernard's Picture   lbernard    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound Bus Company:

    I paid for a round trip ticket to Fort Leonard Wood, MO, and I left on June 27 and was to return on July 2, 2014 @ 9:30 AM. Apparently, the schedule was changed to 8:30 AM the day before and none of the customers were notified. We all shows up at 9:30 and, and the bus had already left, and another one was not going out that day. The attendant called corporate office to try and get us a bus to ST.Louis but that failed. Myself, along with two other customers paid a taxi $200, $68.00 a piece to take us to ST.Louis bus depot. I am not a cigarette smoker and can not stand the sight of it.... More...
    524636's Picture   524636    0 Comments   Comments

    I booked my trip with no issue. Show up when I was supposed to. Apparently you are the only one expected to be on time. From the time I left Oklahoma city I was late. Arrived in Amarillo 45 mins late. Arrived in Phoenix an hour late. Then they "over filled" the bus. This is different than over booking for some reason. Was informed that I would have to take the bus that left an hour later. Was assured that I would make my connecting bus in Sacramento with plenty of time. I get into Sacramento another 30 minutes late and am informed that the next bus doesn't leave until 3:30... More...
    dcagle2's Picture   dcagle2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bus late due to 2 drivers not showing up adds a whole day

    I have travelled long distance with greyhound several times, and had generally okay experiences. (Not to long ago I did a 2400mi journey and it was fine besides a few smallish delays). But now on taking a trip from NY to MO at my first stop they had no driver and it took them a while to bring one in, then we headed to the next stop where again there was no driver and had to wait again. This meant when I got to buffalo for my connection I had missed my connection by over a hour. When I went to see what the person at the desk could do they told me it would be a $20 reissue fee, (which I... More...
    sagebomb's Picture   sagebomb    0 Comments   Comments
  • Runaway bus strands disabled son.

    My son Chris is on a disability pension and his medication and Canadian passport was in the carry on luggage that disappeared with his bus at around 9:45 AM Jan 21 2014 from the Nashville Bus Station. He had started his original journey in three parts, each with a separate ticket, London Ontario, transferred at Detroit, and was enroute to Atlanta and then to Ocala FL when the trouble started. His bus driver told him that his original ticket from Detroit to Atlanta was problematic and sent him to customer service during the layover in Nashville Tn., and then drove off, knowing that his... More...
    pathard's Picture   pathard    0 Comments   Comments
  • Express Greyhound bus from Boston to NYC took 6 hours and 40 minutes!

    I took the EXPRESS bus from Boston to New York city last Monday (Oct 21). The bus was supposed to leave at 1:00 am. Since Greyhound sold more tickets than the available seats on the bus (actually MUCH more since there were about 50 people that had purchased the 1:00 am ticket and couldn't get on that bus!), we had to wait for another bus. Such a bus was not to NYC though, but only to New Haven, CT, and it left at 2:00 am. At 4:30 am we got to New Haven and we waited 1 hour for another driver to come and take us to the city. At the end we got to New York at 7:40 am instead of 5:20 am! I... More...
    xenoyd's Picture   xenoyd    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stunned beyond words

    Oh how I wish I had come across this site before taking a greyhound bus!!! First trip in early July 2013, from Dayton, OH to Indianapolis, IN. Fell asleep during the trip, woke up to a few bite marks on my arm. Had no clue as to what it was and happily spend my weekend in IN. The bites started to itch real bad, along with itching on my head. Now I was on my way back to Ohio, bus was very late out of Indianapolis, no one cared to tell passengers. Once at home, I sat on my couch and saw 3 bugs crawling, what looked like off of me, on to my couch. Not knowing what they were, I killed... More...
    Alaramia's Picture   Alaramia    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound Bus Complaint

    I am a college student trying to get home for Thanksgiving. This will be the first time in 5 years I have seen my family. I purchased a Print at Home 21 day advanced ticket, however after the purchase I was informed that my family would not arrive in Chicago until later that week, and would need to change my travel dates. I called customer service, and was informed that for a $20 fee I could go into a bus station and exchange my departure for the date I need (11/26/2013) but when I got there, they said the system would not let them change it, giving them an error that the "trip was... More...
    jthwalker's Picture   jthwalker    0 Comments   Comments
  • Road Reward Scam

    After Riding greyhound almost 3years back and forth between New York and Baltimore weekly I joined the road rewards discount program they offer. A lot of my entitled discount expired because the have it rig that you can not use the discount. I Now have two more discount code ready to expire and I have been try to purchase my ticket, but no matter what you do this is the message that comes up. 2216: Only 0 fares avail; try another fare or use Longhand fare selection We are sorry, but we could not complete your online purchase. Please contact your credit card issuer to verify your credit... More...
    Vince227's Picture   Vince227    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible experience

    Riding a greyhound bus was the worst experience of my live. The employees are rude and act as if each question is a waste of their time. At one point we stopped in the middle of the night because the driver "no longer wanted to continue driving". The manager of that station told us a new driver was on the way and would be in shortly, after waiting an hour we were told that driver could not make it and that a new driver would be coming with a new bus. Ten minutes later the manager and another employee got into a pickup truck and left with no word to those of us waiting unattended... More...
    bonominijl's Picture   bonominijl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst trip ever

    We took a Montreal-NY trip with Greyhound. We faced a technical problem with the bus : we had to wait four hours to get another bus. The driver was totally useless, more than no information we got no communication at all, he closed the door of the bus while all the passengers where inside and just left outside to get a call for more than 15min, he tried to call his supervisor : no answers, he didn't solve the problem : the Montreal bus station did it !! The trip to come back : at 10:40pm managers told us that we might be waiting for an undefined time because they got no drivers !!!... More...
    gaelles's Picture   gaelles    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound bus NEVER arrived to the station

    I demand a refund for my advance purchase ticket because the bus never arrived at the station. I got to the Hanover, NH station at 4:00 am this morning way before the bus's scheduled departure time of 4:25 am. I waited at the station until 5:30 am, but the bus never came. I have called the Customer Service 15 times, tried to contact the Hanover station via phone 13 times, but nobody ever picked up. I demand an immediate refund for the time and energy that I wasted in waiting for a bus that never came. I know that Greyhound policy is that it doesn't issue refunds for delays in bus... More...
    glimmerkeef's Picture   glimmerkeef    0 Comments   Comments
  • Belligerent Greyhound conductor

    W hat a shitty start to my day... I'm gonna do anything to see my girlfriend today.. I'm not letting some stupid shit head conductor ruin it. Fuck Greyhound... the printable ticket told me to come an hour before departure... that's before the damn station is even open. So I walk in early from the wrong side because one of the doors was unlocked... the conductor (guy in yellow who also secures the building I guess?) gets an attitude and gets pissed at me saying "did you not read the do not enter signs?" And I'm like "no I'm sorry" Then he snaps... More...
  • Didn't bring passenger to destination

    My parents (they don't use computers) had to take the bus from Toronto Ontario to Bathurst New Brunswick this summer 2012. They purchased a ticket from Toronto to Bathurst, NB. They stopped in Montreal for four hours. Then onto Riviere du Loup Quebec where they waited eight hours (always in plastic chairs). Then onto Livi Quebec for seven hours again. They are seniors so after this amount of time they decided to rent a locker to put their bags into including an urn they were bringing with them back to NB. They were having a problem with the lock so they asked for help. Someone who... More...
    NicoleDeweert's Picture   NicoleDeweert    2 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service??????

    I called Customer Service to ask why I could not print a ticket for someone who lived in my home, specifically my 85 year old mother. I was told that if I was paying for a ticket and was not the passenger that a "gift" fee of $21.00 would be assessed. I explained that my mother lives with me and did not have a credit card she could use. I was told the rules apply. I asked if they provided anything by way of customer service for the elderly. I was told to call another number for internet problems. I think I got the same person, because the answers were identical. Overall,... More...
    chapter5's Picture   chapter5    0 Comments   Comments
  • A $250 "inconvenience"

    I purchased two one way, 21 day advance purchase e-tickets on Greyhound Buslines from Minneapolis to Nashville, TN back on December 30, 2009 for travel on January 24, 2010 (and also my return trip back to Minneapolis) since my daughter will be there for 6 months). I won’t know what specific day we are traveling until about 2 weeks ahead of time, and I saw that the fares are much lower if you buy at least 21 days ahead of time as opposed to a walk-up fare, 7 day advance or 14 day advance purchase. I studiously read the fine print on the Greyhound website before purchasing, which stated... More...
    rjudson's Picture   rjudson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude, Dirty, Inhumane

    The frustration I experienced on my recent bus trip North from home has prompted me to post this everywhere possible. Greyhound id actually not cheaper than flying in MANY Cases and the treatment I witnessed and experienced is inhumane. People are nicer to their dogs than Greyhound staff are with their customers. In 12 hours i did not meet one decent , nice or helpful staff. Instead i witnessed staff lying, yelling and aggravating clients repeatedly. The buses are filthy, broken and awful. I will continue to titter, post etc as long as I have energy after a night of no sleep I... More...
    SarahMartin's Picture   SarahMartin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor experience traveling with...

    Poor experience traveling with Greyhound. The name or names of the online board or boards, survey participants, and members who completed the survey is strictly confidential and will not be shared without the expressed written consent of the board/boards and the participants/members. I have written Greyhound Lines, Inc. P.O. Box 660362, Dallas Texas 75266 several customer complaint letters, in my letters I have explained that my seat on the bus was broken when I rode from Dallas, TX to El Paso, TX and my luggage was lost for 4 days. When I did receive my luggage my new pair of Nike... More...
    cntaur5's Picture   cntaur5    0 Comments   Comments


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